Friday, May 14, 2010

National Council of Young Israel died in 1992

On page 258 of the Artscroll biography of Reb Elchonon Wasserman, zt"l, it quotes a halachic ruling he made:

"An organization of G-d fearing individuals must be free of the desire to affix the the organizational stamp on each of its activities. The good works must be regarded as necessary, and the stamp will not help (and might even harm) them."

The "good works" of the truly G-d fearing Young Israel has become secondary to National Council. The Young Israel stamp or label has become more important than the Torah goals written of in the Young Israel charter. The stamp has become devoid of the meaning imparted to it between 1912 and 1992. The Young Israel stamp is now on synagogues with officers and rabbis who violate Shabbos openly, who advocate on the radio knocking up women, who laugh on the radio at the respect Rabbi Tarfon showed his mother so she would not violate Shabbos by fixing her shoe, who tells children to "make more noise" to disturb his gentile neighbor right after telling the neighbor he would ask them to be quieter, who chase old men and widows out of shul, etc..

The Young Israel stamp is now upon a synagogue where the so-called rabbi was quoted in Las Vegas Magazine that he took the name because "it is the McDonalds of Orthodox Judaism". This is what people now see and hear of Young Israel when they see past the label and realize that the kosher label has been pasted on a can of pork. The label and the blessings of the Chairman of the YI Council of Rabbis and National Council cannot make the swine kosher. All it does is belittle the meaning of the stamp.

Emes, truth, is the best weapon to remove the Sheker v'Chazav (falsehood and deceit) that has infected the Young Israel core organization. I urge each of you and your shul memberships to tell National Council that you proudly bear the name and will continue to use the name despite its attachment by National Council to desecrators of Torah like the menuval in Las Vegas but they do not represent your Young Israel shul any longer and that you will not support National Council with dues until they return to Torah-True adherence to the Constitution and rules of the Young Israel movement.

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