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Young Israel of Las Vegas is NOT an Orthodox shul

What Orthodox shul would persecute a widow?

> Click here for more details of the extreme anguish this so-called rabbi caused to the widow <
What Orthodox shul has a "rabbi" who would drench an old man with water while he is davening the shma?
> Click here to read the police report of how the so-called rabbi drenched Reb Peltz INSIDE the shul! <
What does the Meam Lo'ez say about such a person?
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The Las Vegas Kollel knew all about the seruv before they came to Las Vegas. They knew what they were getting into. This was attested to by R. Aryeh Sokoloff of the Kew Gardens Synagogue when he prevented Young Israel's perfidy being exposed in the secular lawsuit National Council themselves had initiated but realized they would lose and be punished for filing a civil lawsuit based upon a forged document. The Kollel disobeyed the seruv and allied themselves with Young Israel for monetary gain. The Kollel's questions to Rabbi Hillel David, shlita, are sheker v'chazav, lies and deception, because their pretense of bdei eved (after the fact) problems at Young Israel of Las Vegas is fraudulent on that point. They are stooges of the moser Yitzchak sWyne and continue to give him undeserved legitimacy, respectability and public acceptance as a rabbi.

If a minor quantity of milk (less than 1/60) is accidentally mixed into a meat stew, the stew remains kosher. If the same quantity is mixed into the stew intentionally the stew is NOT kosher.

The eruv in West Las Vegas was formed with the full knowledge and intent (ab initio) that the Young Israel will not allow the widow (and others they hate for taking her side) into the shul to partake of the ochel, the food component of the eruv. Halacha considers the rabbi of that Young Israel a heretic for his actions and his public distortions of the Torah and all halachos of excommunication (Yoreh Deah 334) apply to him. So for these reasons specified in the Shulchan Aruch Orech Chaim that were deliberately ignored (366:5, 385, 394:3) the eruv is pasul despite what the Las Vegas Kollel claims.
Travelers to Nevada need to avoid carrying on Shabbos in the areas surrounding the Young Israel of Las Vegas!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

YOUNG ISRAEL of Las Vegas rewrites the Torah!

The rabbi of Young Israel of Las Vegas says:
The Torah does
NOT prohibit prostitution!

If you want to get the girl of your dreams, KNOCK HER UP!
 (Broadcast Feb 14, 2010 on KDWN in Las Vegas)
(Verified by Farley Weiss, President of National Council of Young Israel, who gave NCYI a tape recording of the show)

It is better to drive to shul on Shabbat than to stay at home
(Broadcast Dec 11, 2011 on KDWN in Las Vegas
To make the excommunication of this Young Israel rabbi (THAT WAS IN EFFECT EVEN BEFORE HE UTTERED THESE HERESIES) appear to be rescinded, NCYI altered a document the Rabbinical Court had declared to have been mistaken.

The following words of the Torah do not mean anything to Young Israel in Las Vegas. Have they been erased?

כָּל אַלְמָנָה וְיָתוֹם לֹא תְעַנּוּן
Please click --> Every widow and orphan, you shall not anguish!

מִדְּבַר שֶׁקֶר תִּרְחָק
Why did National Council of Young Israel commit FORGERY to hide this wicked man's excommunication!? (click here)

Steven Z. Mostofsky was President of
National Council of Young Israel (NCYI)
from 2000 through the end of 2011

states in Sec. 4.7. Duties of Officers:
a.  President - He shall be in charge of and responsible for all the activities of the organization;

Why does the current President of NCYI who is now responsible for the organization also continue to allow the fraudulent, wicked and heretical activities of  YOUNG ISRAEL of Las Vegas???

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Young Israel - Aish rabbi tells people they SHOULD drive to shul on Shabbos!!

One of the fundamental principles of Young Israel is Shemirat Shabbat. And the Young Israel Constitution makes that an oath, a promise to Klal Yisroel that it will be followed.
At about 19 minutes into this radio show [click here to open MP3] this so-called rabbi uses distorted, anti-Halachic reasoning (that even Conservative Judaism admits it made an error in using over 50 years ago) in telling his congregants they should drive to his Young Israel - Aish synagogue ON SHABBAT instead of staying home. When someone had already expressed an understanding they should not drive on Shabbat and asked "isn't it better to stay at home than to drive to shul", this excommunicated apikorus holding the title of a Young Israel rabbi said they should drive to shul on Shabbat undermining their start of Shemiras Shabbos.
(He uses similarly convoluted logic to claim the Torah does not prohibit prostitution [Click here for link to that earlier broadcast])

In 2008 Leonard Sokoloff, then President of the Vaad Harabonim of Queens, flew to Las Vegas to prevent the FORGERY committed by Young Israel from being revealed in court. He had the power and opportunity then to insist that a sign be placed in front of the Young Israel saying not to park there on Shabbos but he refused because he was afraid of Young Israel's lawyer. This lawyer, Steven Baker, who is married to a NON-Jewish woman was appointed to the Board of the YOUNG ISRAEL and was even honored at a shul dinner as a reward for, among other things, arguing in SECULAR court that the Young Israel Aish of Las Vegas must keep its parking spaces open on Shabbat
The Young Israel Constitution explicitly states in Sec. 3.3 that a Young Israel branch must:
d. have as its President, Vice Presidents, Secretaries, Treasurer and Delegates to the Delegates Assembly- regular, alternate and at-large- only Sabbath observers;
Michael J. Novick, the former Treasurer, now President of the Young Israel Aish of Las Vegas (business name of poorly titled Torah Learning Center, Inc.) publicly violates Sabbath every time he drives to the YOUNG ISRAEL on Shabbat and carries his keys into the shul!
He is unfortunately the victim of the charlatan rabbi who has conned him. But as an officer of a Young Israel branch, he is required to know that he is not permitted to violate Shabbat by driving to shul on Shabbat and there is absolutely no dispensation the ersatz "rabbi' can grant him to do so. 
(These violations also took place under the administration of the President of National Council of Young Israel at that time, Steven Z. Mostofsky, with his full knowledge!)
In contrast to the rabbi in Las Vegas, this is what Rabbi Amos Bunim, zt'l had to say on the specific topic Lorne (Yitz) sWyne twisted like a pretzel on the radio about driving to shul on Shabbos: "The next compromise: Conservative constituents were given dispensation to drive to the synagogue on Shabbos. It was felt that this would increase attendance in the synagogue, since they were driving to the mall and to Saturday-afternoon soccer games anyway. The cardinal error in this approach was that instead of trying to educate and develop their constituency to explore and appreciate the beauties and ideals of Judaism, the leaders of the Conservative movement brought Judaism down toward the rampant assimilation of a society trying to distance itself from the heritage of Sinai." (from Rabbi Amos Bunim's article “Toras Emes and Modernity” starting on page 61) 

Aish HaTorah, who gave sWyne the title of "Rabbi", also says the exact opposite when posed with the same question about driving on Shabbos,

Even the Conservative Movement has admitted giving permission to drive to shul on Shabbat was a mistake --> Conservative Halakhah - Riding to the Synagogue on ShabbatConservative Head Calls Sabbath-Driving Rule a ‘Mistake’ 
Yet despite Conservative Judaism's grudging confirmation that the logic they used has proven erroneous, the leader of a YOUNG ISRAEL ordained by Aish HaTorah dares use it to encourage driving on Shabbat to his synagogue ?!  
and the stamp of approval from the Las Vegas Kollel

The Bais Din verified the authenticity of the seruv that declares him a moser!
Last year when he said the Torah does NOT prohibit prostitution, why did the Las Vegas Kollel (affiliated with Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim - Rabbinical Seminary of America) honor him and had him speak at their Annual Dinner (in violation of halachot of Yoreh Deah 334) after broadcasting such heretical sheker publicly on the radio, all the while emphasizing he is rabbi of YOUNG ISRAEL - Aish ?!?
(On an earlier Feb 14, 2010 broadcast this same rabbi said on his show "if you want the girl of your dreams .. knock her up"!   Is this the way a YOUNG ISRAEL rabbi ordained by AISH HaTORAH speaks??  That show was recorded on a cassette tape sent to National Council of Young Israel by one of its Vice Presidents, Farley Weiss.  A year later on Feb 27, 2011 this rabbi had another very interesting show. Click here to jump to the posting about it and to listen to the recording.)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Why does Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim help an excommunicated rabbi instead of his victims?

Scroll down and read earlier posts for more details.
(Click siruv to view enlargement)  National Council of Young Israel tried to fool everyone into thinking the siruv was removed again by altering the lifting the Beit Din had said was not valid.
Between the first siruv and this reinstatement there was a mistaken removal on Rosh Chodeh Kislev 5765. Look at the altered document above to see it.
This is the first siruv / excommunication, the Beit Din said on 11 Tevet 5765 was removed by mistake

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The leaders of Young Israel of Las Vegas are like the hooligans in Beit Shemesh!!

Of such a person who publicly humiliates anyone (in this case a Zakain, an elder Talmid Chacham) inside the shul, the Meam Lo'ez (translated as The Torah Anthology) says the following in Volume 7:
Click here to view entire page 140, Volume 7 of  Meam lo'ez - The Torah Anthology

There is an earlier incident that happened in front of reliable witnesses when the so-called rabbi's father-in-law shoved and pushed the widow (the same one they later charged with trespassing), because she was davening too long and he wanted her out of the YOUNG ISRAEL!! 

Friday, December 9, 2011

Is this the right image for Young Israel and a Kollel?

[Scroll down or Click here to view the siruv / excommunication]

He diminishes Chanukah when he ties it in with the goyishe holiday. What a low opinion he must have of his congregants and other Jews in Las Vegas if he feels they wouldn't celebrate Chanukah without the goyim having a holiday at the same time. Does he also feel that Pesach needs Easter the same way?

The photos above were at two separate events where the excommunicated rabbi was selling his self-published book. That he enlists the aid of a personification of Xmas at one event is his prerogative. But what business did the members of the Las Vegas Community Kollel have to help him sell his personal book?

On Sunday, Dec 18,  2011, Wyne expressed further apikorsus by using rationalizations of both the Reform and Conservative Movements (without identifying them as such) on his radio program. In this clip he speaks about Cincinnati rabbis from the 1800s without identifying them as Reform, Isaac Mayer Wise and Max Lilienthal. At about 19 minutes into this clip a week earlier he gave excuses that match the failed logic of the Conservative Rabbis of the mid-20th Century why his congregants should drive to his Young Israel synagogue ON SHABBAT instead of staying home. When someone had already expressed an understanding they should not drive on Shabbat, this excommunicated apikorus holding the title of a Young Israel rabbi undermines their nascent Shemiras Shabbos.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Perek 5, Mishna 11 Avot : The sword comes to the world due to delay of justice, the perversion of justice and distortion of the Torah

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Excerpt from What to do with Abusive Rabbis
(Please click on hyperlinked texts)
We cannot say any of the tragedies that have befallen us in recent years are a direct consequence of the particular injustices by Young Israel of Las Vegas to a widow and the discrimination against a wheelchair-bound veteran US Army Chaplain (click to view letter NCYI turns a blind eye to) or to the Torah elder drenched with water or the broadcast on the radio by the "rabbi" of Young Israel in Las Vegas where he says "the Torah does NOT prohibit prostitution"! Yet how can the national Young Israel stand by and allow these things the Mishnah warns us about to continue?  

Other hard-to-believe misdeeds unworthy of a Young Israel that have actually occurred at YILV WITH THE NATIONAL COUNCIL of YOUNG ISRAEL HAVING FULL KNOWLEDGE OF THESE EVENTS FOR THE LAST SEVERAL YEARS include:
  • That it was built on Shabbos and the construction on Shabbos was actively inspected on Shabbos by the "rabbi"
  • On his Feb 14, 2010 KDWN radio show, Rabbi Wyne said "if you want the girl of your dreams, don't bother with romance, KNOCK HER UP".  It was crude, extremely offensive and certainly not befitting anyone using the title "Rabbi" especially of a Young Israel.
    National Council of Young Israel has a recording of the show yet did nothing about it just as they have done nothing since a year later after he said
    "the Torah does NOT prohibit prostitution".
  • It has shul officers who are NOT Shabbos observant. This violates a basic requirement of the Young Israel charter 
  • After raising money from the community for a brand new Sefer Torah, the shul held a Hachnosas Sefer Torah A very short time after the event Yitz Wyne removed the handles (atzai chaim) and the cover from the brand new Sefer Torah and placed them on an old  Sefer Torah. He secretly returned the   brand new Sefer Torah to the sofer for a refund of most the money previously paid. One of the congregants learned of this when the sofer asked him where else he could sell the brand new Sefer Torah. What are the halachos regarding money raised specifically for a new Sefer Torah?  Where did the refunded money actually go after Wyne received it? 
  • More than once served food clearly cooked on Shabbos upon instruction of the "rabbi" who only has Rav uManhig ordination. The following is a statement from a former congregant who was forced to leave the synagogue:
  • On Shabbos my husband went into the shul kitchen as they were preparing for a kiddush and noticed that they were mixing mocha mix in hot noodles...clearly Bishul. My husband called in Mr. Wyne [she refuses to address him as "rabbi"] and this was his response "just serve it- no one will know about it". There were witnesses to this. After this incident my husband approached Mr. Wyne privately with a Mishna Brurah and was told "just put that book away!"  The entire letter can be read at this link
    On another occasion Wyne also said to go ahead and serve bourekas which had just been baked on Shabbos, that no one would know (except the witnesses who spoke up about it). Who knows how many other times the same thing happened?
  • Specifically leaves its parking spaces open on Shabbos contrary to the long-standing Young Israel rule. It was declared by the rabbi of the Kew Gardens Synagogue that Young Israel of Las Vegas will never even put up a sign not to park in front of the Young Israel on Shabbos!
  • Placed large advertisements on bus shelters saying "Come to YOUNG ISRAEL to meet Jewish chicks"
  • Destroyed a tiny Shabbos minyan of people who could not or would not daven in such a temple with an excommunicated rabbi
  • Threatened to throw out a veteran US Army Chaplain rabbi who is an invalid in a wheelchair if he would try coming in to daven at the YOUNG ISRAEL (click to view letter)
  • He diminishes Chanukah when he ties it in with the goyishe holiday. What a low opinion he must have of his congregants and other Jews in Las Vegas if he feels they wouldn't celebrate Chanukah without the goyim having a holiday at the same time. Does he also feel that Pesach needs Easter the same way?

No man can say that any specific tragedy is a direct result to "the delay of justice, the perversion of justice and distortion of the Torah" occurring under the auspices of Young Israel. But the Mishna in Avos says "the sword comes to the world" as a result of "the delay of justice, the perversion of justice and interpretation of the Torah at variance with Halacha". So why allow these atrocities at the Young Israel of Las Vegas to continue anyway?

Artscroll Sefer Yehoshua, Perek 7, pasuk 6, footnote: According to Rambam (Hil. Taanis 1:1-3), it is a positive commandment of the Torah for every individual to cry out and search his ways at a time of national calamity, for G-d visits calamities upon Israel to inspire each Jew to repent for his misdeeds. If someone fails to recognize that tragedies occur through an act of G-d rather [than] through happenstance, he is considered cruel, because he will not be motivated to improve his behavior. as a result, G-d will beset Israel with more troubles, until all are motivated to change their ways.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

YOUNG ISRAEL rabbi broadcasts "Torah does NOT prohibit prostitution"

The excommunicated (click to view) spiritual leader of YOUNG ISRAEL Aish of Las Vegas publicly presented his views on what the Torah says. Listen to this YOUNG ISRAEL "rabbi's" distortion of the Torah on his Feb 27, 2011 radio broadcast on KDWN, especially his interpretation of pasuk 23:18 in Sefer Devarim, Parshas Ki Seitze at the 10 minute point of the broadcast. [Click here to hear the broadcast -->]

A year previously on his Feb 14, 2010 KDWN radio show, Rabbi Wyne said "if you want the girl of your dreams, don't bother with romance, KNOCK HER UP". It was crude, extremely offensive and certainly not befitting anyone using the title "Rabbi" especially of a Young Israel synagogue and ordained by Aish HaTorah. National Council of Young Israel had a recording of the show sent to them by their own Vice President, Farley Weiss, yet did nothing about it then just as they did nothing to enforce the excommunication nor a year later when Wyne said "the Torah does NOT prohibit prostitution".

He DISTORTS AND FALSIFIES THE WORDS OF THE TORAH PUBLICLY ON THE RADIO WITH LIES SAYING Deuteronomy 23:18 does NOT prohibit prostitution! Read the story of Yehudah and Tamar (with Rashi so you see the whole story and not the distortion presented by his co-host Peter) and you will see that the word Kedaisha is used specifically after Tamar asks what she will receive. Any police officer can tell you that promiscuity becomes prostitution when solicitation occurs! Anyone who knows how to read Rashi or any other commentary such as the Ramban knows that what was said on The Rabbi (sic) Show is an inversion of the truth. Artscroll clearly explains in the footnote that they expanded on the translation of the verse from the explanation of Rashi which is based upon the concept of davar halomed misofo, the first verse is expounded by the succeeding verse that uses the word zonah (which is the more general term but does not necessarily entail solicitation whereas kedaisha does).

Since the broadcasts aired, the Las Vegas Kollel (set up by Yeshivas Chofetz Chaim of Flushing, NY) has said nothing to counter the heresy, continues to daven at the Young Israel and even had the apikorus-rabbi speak at the LV Kollel's Annual Dinner!

How does your local Young Israel rabbi feel about these broadcasts?  How does your rabbi feel about the constant emphasis by the excommunicated host that he is the "Rabbi of YOUNG ISRAEL Aish of Las Vegas" ? (Note: The document Young Israel claims showed the seruv lifted on Lamed-Gimel (??) Elul 5767 is a blatant forgery!!! [click to view])

Friday, June 17, 2011

National Council sold Young Israel of Oxford Circle for AVODAH ZARAH!!!!!

This used to be the Young Israel of Oxford Circle
It was closed in 2009! (click for newspaper article)

Less than a year later it was sold by National Council of Young Israel to Bhuddists! It is now a temple for Avodah Zarah! A Bhuddha idol is now where an Aron Kodesh once stood!!

( look for "Phat Bao Temple" using Ctrl-F in browser)

An officer of the former Young Israel of Oxford Circle told me NCYI knew exactly who they were selling to and what it was to be used for!!

Did any rabbi of Young Israel's Vaad Halacha approve the sale of a Young Israel shul building to be used for Buddhist idol worship?!?!? (Every Orthodox rabbi considers Buddhism to be Avodah Zarah)

What A Man of Principles did in this situation (from the obituary of  Rabbi David B. Hollander on

When the Mount Eden Jewish Center closed, Rabbi David B. Hollander was owed a large sum for his salary and assorted services. Seeking to repay their beloved rabbi, who had a family to support, the synagogue’s board members decided to sell the building.
But an organization that Rabbi Hollander was ideologically opposed to offered the only hope of the synagogue being able to repay the rabbi. Knowing that he would not approve of the sale, the board members solicited, and received, approbations from several rabbinical authorities.
True to form, Rabbi Hollander refused to sanction the transaction.
“Gentleman,” Rabbi Hollander told the group, “you do not owe me anything.”
Board members exited the room misty-eyed, in awe that the rabbi they came to revere made such a sacrifice.
“He was a man of tremendous principles,” said Rabbi Fabian Schoenfeld of the Young Israel of Kew Garden Hills. “He had no doubts in them, and tried to bring them into practice.”

Monday, August 9, 2010

Every widow and orphan, you shall not anguish! (Shemos 22:21)

[click images to enlarge]
Does any shul charge a widow with trespassing simply because she stopped paying dues after the rabbi mistreated her?

If we accept the contention of Civil Court Judge Steven Z. Mostofsky that the parking lot by Young Israel Aish of Las Vegas is "shared" with a motel and an office building, then Young Israel Aish of Las Vegas had absolutely no right to unilaterally inform the Las Vegas Police to maliciously charge the widow Susan Shalov with trespassing in "their" parking lot! For this act of mesirah alone National Council of Young Israel should have invoked disciplinary proceedings and expelled Young Israel of Las Vegas for violating Halacha and Section 3.3.e in the Young Israel Constitution! Instead, they told people to disobey Bais Din and hid the violation.
Shiur of HaRav Y. B. Soloveitchik, zt'l, on Parshas Mishpatim:
"You shall not oppress any widow or orphan". "If you shall oppress them and he shall cry out to me I will listen to his plea". "And I shall be angry and I will kill you through the sword and your wives will become widows and your children orphans". (Shemos 22:21‑23)

The Torah enjoins the Jew from oppressing any widow or orphan. One who commits this action is to be punished by HKB'H (V'Haragti Eschem B'Cherev). The Gemara (Sanhedrin 17b) enumerates the transgressions for which one receives Misah Biyday Shamayim. Why does the Gemara omit the case of oppressing the widow?

The Ramban offers an answer to this question: all other instances of Misah Biyday Shamayim have a natural appearance however the penalty for this sin will be an unnatural death, through the sword. The Ramban and Rashi add that in addition, the death will be unwitnessed and unknown to others leaving the wives of such individuals as permanent widows as well (V'Hayu N'shayhem Almanos Lolam).

The Ibn Ezra notes the transition from the plural (Lo Ta'anun) to the singular (Im Aneh Te'aneh) followed by the plural (Vharagti Eschem). According to the Ibn Ezra, this indicates that if someone observes someone else treating a widow or orphan in this manner and does not intercede on their behalf, the silent observer is considered to have transgressed as well. He too will receive the identical punishment as the one who committed the act. The Torah uses the plural form to indicate that both the transgressor and the observer will be considered guilty (Teanun) and are both punishable by death (Vharagti ESCHEM). In fact, this is the only place we ascribe guilt to both the transgressor and silent observer and both receive the same punishment. For example, one who observes a Jew who desecrates the Shabbos may transgress on the obligation to rebuke his fellow Jew. However he is not considered to have violated the Shabbos on his own. This unique situation of associating the the observer and the transgressor with guilt is to teach us that there is no room for tolerance of any degree of wickedness. One who is tolerant of such behavior is as wicked as the perpetrator. Aneh Taaneh is an application of Lo Taamod Al Dam Rayecha, standing by while a fellow Jew is killed. Even though you personally did not murder the individual, in the eyes of heaven you are still considered a murderer.

The Rav added the following explanation: Mechilta (22) quotes the following: When Rabbi Shimon Ben Gamliel (the Nasi) and Rabbi Yishmael Kohen Gadol were taken out to be murdered (they were 2 of the 10 Rabbinic Martyrs), Rabbi Yishmael asked Rabbi Shimon w hy he was crying when he was about to fulfill the mitzvah of giving one's life for Kiddush Hashem and will soon enter the world to come. Rabbi Shimon answered that he is crying because of the type of death they were to endure. They were to be executed through the sword (Misas Sayif) which is the punishment reserved for murderers and those who have desecrated the Shabbos. He was concerned lest any passers-by misconstrue them as such unsavory characters. Rabbi Yishmael responded by asking him if he could recall a situation where a woman came to ask him a question and his sexton made her wait until Rabbi Shimon put on his shoes or finished his meal. When Rabbi Shimon said that this did indeed happen, Rabbi Yishmael said that their punishment is fitting as the Torah admonishes anyone that oppresses a widow or orphan punishable by death through the sword (V'haragti Eschem B'cherev). The magnitude of the Inuy does not matter (Echad Inuy Merubah V'echad Inuy Muat). (Note: the Rav quoted from a combination of the Mechilta and the Masechet Smachos, chapter 8. There are different versions as to whether Rabbi Shimon or Rabbi Yishmael was the one crying).

The above Mechilta is telling us that the punishment for intolerance towards the widow or orphan does not necessarily derive from an actual transgression. Even if the act of intolerance appears justifiable and insignificant, it is still a punishable offense if the affected party is offended psychologically. As far as the letter of the law was concerned, there was no obligation of Rabbi Shimon to have come out barefoot to answer the question of the poor woman. (Rabbi Shimon should have realized that the woman might be offended by deferring her question. Rabbi Shimon should have been attuned to the needs of the woman and that she be made to feel welcome and comfortable). Because he unknowingly delayed the woman till he was ready, apparrently Rabbi Shimon was guilty in the view of HKB'H of Inuy Muat.

The above points to a powerful message: that one can transgress Aneh Taaneh even when there is technically no transgression (Maaseh Aveirah). An individual in a position of importance must be vigilant to be attuned to the psychological needs of his fellow man. Failing to show the utmost compassion and attentiveness can result in offending the unfortunate and carry with it grave consequences.

The Torah uses the double syntax, e.g. Aneh Taaneh, throughout these verses. Sometimes a person shows obvious intolerance and persecution of a less fortunate individual. This constitutes an identifiable transgression. It is called Inuy Merubah. There are other times when the intolerance is more subtle and requires an ability to feel the psychological pain of the less fortunate who are offended by direct or indirect actions. This is considered Inuy Muat. In either case, the Torah says Tzaok Yitzak, both types of offended individuals will call out to HKB'H. Hashem will listen to both types, Shamoah Eshma, to the one who cries out from Inuy Merubah as well as the one who cries out from Inuy Muat. (The Rav added that Inuy Merubah causes Inuy Muat. Taking advantage of a widow causes her direct anguish. This is Inuy Merubah. It also triggers the subtle internal feeling of helplessness: that she is being persecuted because her husband is no longer alive to protect her (Inuy Muat). One who does this receives Misah Biyday Shamayim (V'haragti Eschem) and his family is placed in a similar situation (V'hayu Nshaychem Almanos).

This summary is Copyright 1996 by Dr. Israel Rivkin and Josh Rapps, Edison, N.J. Permission to reprint and distribute, with this notice, is hereby granted. These summaries are based on notes taken by Dr. Rivkin at the weekly Moriah Shiur given by Moraynu V'Rabbeinu Harav Yosef Dov Halevi Soloveichik ZT'L over many years.

Attack on Reb Moshe Peltz. Reb Peltz was Baal Koreh by Rav Avigdor Miller's shul for 25 years until he retired to Las Vegas.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Who will be the next victim if NCYI is not stopped?

Young Israel of Fifth Avenue,
Rabbi Kolakowski in Richmond,
Susan Shalov in Las Vegas,
any visitor to Las Vegas who expects a shul with the name Young Israel to abide by the Torah standards Young Israel is supposed to follow,
the unnamed shul mentioned in the YU Commentator article in 2007,
Shaarei Torah Orthodox Congregation of Syracuse,
etc. etc.

The National Council of Young Israel has proven repeatedly that it abides neither by the Torah nor its own supposed standards. It has proven itself to be worse than a mere bully. It has committed fraud and forgery in pursuit of goals that are against the mission the National Council was created to perform. It is time for the Torah-True Young Israel membership and branches to end the reign of kefirah of the current administration of NCYI.

Why was National Council ready to shut down the shul in Syracuse for having a woman-President (who was NOT running a Women's Prayer Group) but allows Young Israel of Sharon to run a Women's Prayer Group?
 It is interesting that Young Israel claims to follow the psak of 5 RIETS Roshei Yeshiva regarding Women's Prayer Groups yet turns a blind eye towards this activity at the Young Israel of Sharon, MA:
Tefillat Nashim
Tefillat Nashim is a tefilah group service that started over 10 years ago. There are 2 services a month, starting at 9:30 AM in the Beit Midrash. See Davening Times for the next Tefillat Nashim service.

About the Service:
P’sukeh D’Zimrah, is often lead off by a young girl. Another Kehilah member takes over as a Chazanit leads through the Shacharit service. Our Torah portion consists of taking the Torah out of the Aron Kodesh and then Laining the first three portions aloud, with different woman or girls reading each Aliyah (no B’rachot are recited). A D’var Torah follows, and then the Haftarah is chanted by another Kehilah member. The service continues with the Musaf Amidah and then one or more of our younger girls leads us in the concluding prayers. During the Tefilah group, songs are song together, especially some selections during the Shacharit and Musaf Amidah.

Special Services:
Every Simhat Torah we lain vezot hatorah as many times as we have lainers. This happens while the men are receiving their aliyot. It is also an opportunity if there are any women who are interested in benching gomel. If you would like to participate in this very special experience, please contact Cheryl Harris. We can also teach new lainers for this parsha. After the laining is finished Rabbi Sendor will give a dvar Torah.
Two other special davenings we have are on Purim and Tisha B'Av. We lain Megilat Esther on Purim morning and Eicha on Tisha B'Av evening. New lainers are always welcome.