Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Everyone rightfully cares about Shalom Rubashkin. So why is the widow Susan Shalov's torment ignored?

Please, the ability to do something about Rubaskin's case is in Hashem's hands but the ability to help the widow Susan Shalov is within yours if you publicize her story.

Is anything about Rubashkin's circumstances natural? He is awaiting sentencing more harsh than even that law seems to call for. Young Israel and other organizations say to write to the Justice Dept and people do, but it all seems to be ignored. What is going on here?

Perhaps it is Mida k'neged mida. Young Israel ignored the pleas for the widow so perhaps Hashem has hardened the heart of the Justice Dept, the Attorney General and the judge handling Rubashkin's case just as Young Israel leadership hardened their hearts to her cries and the efforts of those who speak up for her.

A Medrash quoted by Rashi on the incident of the Meraglim in Parshas Shelach states on the pasuk ויבכו העם בלילה ההוא that it was the night of Tisha B’av and Hashem said that you cried for no reason, I will give you a reason to cry in the future.

A short time before Tisha B’Av, 5768 a rabbi acting on behalf of Young Israel came crying to me to silence publicizing the aveiros of Young Israel of Las Vegas. He claimed that he was trying to keep me out of jail, that Young Israel was going to put me in jail, etc. There were two major problems with his plaint:

1- The lawsuit (filed using a forged document) against me and others by Young Israel in Nevada's 8th District Court (case 07A548690) is a civil defamation case. There was no way for NCYI to get me jailed unless they falsely accused me of a crime (as they also tried to do to the widow they charged with trespassing when she tried to daven and actually did several years earlier to another outspoken critic of YILV named Yaakov Van). This rabbi’s crying was sheker. The widow still cries real tears over what Young Israel did to her!

2- The ones actively trying to put us in jail were and still are rabbis and lay leaders of Young Israel, Jews trying to put another Jew in jail instead of seeking truth and justice in a Halachik way. If I had truly harmed them as they claimed, then why did they never seek to bring me to Din Torah? The rabbi who cried should have been stopping them from committing more mesirah and forgery instead of trying to silence me and intimidate others into silence about the seruv.

Getting back to Shalom Rubashkin, he was arrested and put in jail a few months after this rabbi cried when he should have instead been teaching Young Israel mussar. Lo and behold! This rabbi and the forger Pesach Lerner are there in the background when Rabbi Zwiebel went to plead for Shalom Rubashkin in Washington.
We learn that the incidents of our forebears are lessons for their descendants.
Is it possible that since Young Israel tried to put people in jail and cried false tears about it Hashem gave them what they wanted, a Jew in jail (just not the one they were trying for), and a real reason to cry?

While Young Israel was not successful in actually putting the widow or most of the others in jail, they still caused enormous harm and damage to us and many others. Perhaps if they implement the judgment specified in the seruv on the Las Vegas YI leader instead of using forgery and filing lawsuits continuing to hide it, maybe Shalom Rubashkin will benefit from Hashem’s mercy and have a true judgment?

It is absolutely NOT Loshon Hora to report all this for several reasons, primarily that Young Israel filed the secular lawsuit (which makes it a public record) in order to conceal the Seruv from a Bet Din about the despicable actions of the leader of YILV!

Also it is NOT Loshon Hora to tell that on February 14, 2010, this same Young Israel rabbi said on his radio program on KDWN in Las Vegas “if you want the girl of your dreams … KNOCK HER UP” because it was a very public statement broadcast for evryone, including goyim, to hear. Is this the way an Orthodox rabbi speaks on a heavily advertised radio program!?! National Council of Young Israel's Lerner has a tape of the broadcast but has done nothing about it.

What has all this got to do with Shalom Rubashkin? We know that that Hashem hears the cries of a widow. Maybe Hashem is using Rubashkin’s plight to illustrate a point. Maybe Hashem is trying to tell the rabbinic leadership in this country to dispense the justice they do have influence over and to do so in accordance with the Torah and not with sheker and forgery. Why are they so rightfully caring about Shalom Rubashkin but turning their backs on the widow Susan Shalov?

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