Sunday, June 19, 2011

YOUNG ISRAEL rabbi broadcasts "Torah does NOT prohibit prostitution"

The excommunicated (click to view) spiritual leader of YOUNG ISRAEL Aish of Las Vegas publicly presented his views on what the Torah says. Listen to this YOUNG ISRAEL "rabbi's" distortion of the Torah on his Feb 27, 2011 radio broadcast on KDWN, especially his interpretation of pasuk 23:18 in Sefer Devarim, Parshas Ki Seitze at the 10 minute point of the broadcast. [Click here to hear the broadcast -->]

A year previously on his Feb 14, 2010 KDWN radio show, Rabbi Wyne said "if you want the girl of your dreams, don't bother with romance, KNOCK HER UP". It was crude, extremely offensive and certainly not befitting anyone using the title "Rabbi" especially of a Young Israel synagogue and ordained by Aish HaTorah. National Council of Young Israel had a recording of the show sent to them by their own Vice President, Farley Weiss, yet did nothing about it then just as they did nothing to enforce the excommunication nor a year later when Wyne said "the Torah does NOT prohibit prostitution".

He DISTORTS AND FALSIFIES THE WORDS OF THE TORAH PUBLICLY ON THE RADIO WITH LIES SAYING Deuteronomy 23:18 does NOT prohibit prostitution! Read the story of Yehudah and Tamar (with Rashi so you see the whole story and not the distortion presented by his co-host Peter) and you will see that the word Kedaisha is used specifically after Tamar asks what she will receive. Any police officer can tell you that promiscuity becomes prostitution when solicitation occurs! Anyone who knows how to read Rashi or any other commentary such as the Ramban knows that what was said on The Rabbi (sic) Show is an inversion of the truth. Artscroll clearly explains in the footnote that they expanded on the translation of the verse from the explanation of Rashi which is based upon the concept of davar halomed misofo, the first verse is expounded by the succeeding verse that uses the word zonah (which is the more general term but does not necessarily entail solicitation whereas kedaisha does).

Since the broadcasts aired, the Las Vegas Kollel (set up by Yeshivas Chofetz Chaim of Flushing, NY) has said nothing to counter the heresy, continues to daven at the Young Israel and even had the apikorus-rabbi speak at the LV Kollel's Annual Dinner!

How does your local Young Israel rabbi feel about these broadcasts?  How does your rabbi feel about the constant emphasis by the excommunicated host that he is the "Rabbi of YOUNG ISRAEL Aish of Las Vegas" ? (Note: The document Young Israel claims showed the seruv lifted on Lamed-Gimel (??) Elul 5767 is a blatant forgery!!! [click to view])

Friday, June 17, 2011

National Council sold Young Israel of Oxford Circle for AVODAH ZARAH!!!!!

This used to be the Young Israel of Oxford Circle
It was closed in 2009! (click for newspaper article)

Less than a year later it was sold by National Council of Young Israel to Bhuddists! It is now a temple for Avodah Zarah! A Bhuddha idol is now where an Aron Kodesh once stood!!

Other communities like Danville, VA demolished their shul building to prevent them from becoming churches. National Council of YOUNG ISRAEL couldn't miss an opportunity to make a buck even if it meant degrading a shul.

An officer of the former Young Israel of Oxford Circle told me NCYI knew exactly who they were selling to and what it was to be used for!!

Did any rabbi of Young Israel's Vaad Halacha approve the sale of a Young Israel shul building to be used for Buddhist idol worship?!?!? (Every Orthodox rabbi considers Buddhism to be Avodah Zarah)

What A Man of Principles did in this situation (from the obituary of  Rabbi David B. Hollander on

When the Mount Eden Jewish Center closed, Rabbi David B. Hollander was owed a large sum for his salary and assorted services. Seeking to repay their beloved rabbi, who had a family to support, the synagogue’s board members decided to sell the building.
But an organization that Rabbi Hollander was ideologically opposed to offered the only hope of the synagogue being able to repay the rabbi. Knowing that he would not approve of the sale, the board members solicited, and received, approbations from several rabbinical authorities.
True to form, Rabbi Hollander refused to sanction the transaction.
“Gentleman,” Rabbi Hollander told the group, “you do not owe me anything.”
Board members exited the room misty-eyed, in awe that the rabbi they came to revere made such a sacrifice.
“He was a man of tremendous principles,” said Rabbi Fabian Schoenfeld of the Young Israel of Kew Garden Hills. “He had no doubts in them, and tried to bring them into practice.”