Tuesday, June 22, 2010

NCYI planning to expel Syracuse shul and seize assets but won't do so to Las Vegas????

It is amazing how the current National Council of Young Israel can be sanctimonious about what their legacy is and what their Constitution says. It is a very far cry from what NCYI was when Rabbi Ephraim Sturm was directing it.

Young Israel of Las Vegas had a President who smoked on Shabbos for years but they never did anything about that.
How was that allowed over having a woman shul Pres
ident when the YI Constitution expressly requires Sabbath Observers but says nothing about gender?

Regarding the parent Organization it says:

Sec. 4.3. The offices of President, Chairman, 1st Vice President and Second Vice President shall be filled by male delegates only.

But by the branch synagogues section there is no mention of any requirement of gender. But there are requirements regarding:
d. have as its President, Vice Presidents, Secretaries, Treasurer and Delegates to the Delegates Assembly- regular, alternate and at-large- only Sabbath observers;
e. follow halacha in all dealings by and between the group, its members, its rabbi, its officers and directors, other branches of the Organization and the Organization; and

The Halacha as I understand it regarding a moser declared by a Bais Din excommunicating him is that such a person is NOT QUALIFIED TO BE A RABBI! Why then has Young Israel of Las Vegas had such a
for over the last five years?!?

It was during the tenure of the Shabbos-smoker president that NCYI committed forgery to try to hide the excommunication of YILV's rabbi. (http://cleanupyoungisrael.blogspot.com/2010/05/more-details-and-can-be-found-on.html)
Why didn't the NCYI convene a Delegates Assembly then instead of committing fraud?

And since the Syracuse synagogue is already out of the organization what right does NCYI have to "expel" them and seize their assets?

Dear Friends,

I have recently been informed that National Council of Young Israel (NCYI) is having a meeting of the Delegates Assembly on this coming Thursday, June 24th, during which they plan to vote to expel our synagogue, Shaarei Torah Orthodox Congregation of Syracuse. This is in spite of the fact that we legally resigned from them on August 24, 2008. According to their constitution, the assets of any synagogue that is expelled revert to NCYI.

We have prepared a position paper that details the history of what occurred, and explains why we resigned. We would like as many delegates as possible to be made aware of our story. If you know members of Young Israel synagogues in other cities, please send them the link[s] to this website. http://www.stocs-chai.org/STOCS-CHAI/Welcome.html

With thanks,

Beverly S. Marmor

Shaarei Torah Orthodox Congregation of Syracuse

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